Flexibility, Manageability, and Savings

          More than ever, IT departments want to realize the benefits of desktop virtualization—cost savings, ease of management, improved security, and platform independence. The challenge has been to determine where to start and where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will be the best fit for your organization.

          Journey with Confidence

          The first step is to evaluate how applications would perform in your environment. Start your journey to VDI with confidence. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment can provide you the map you need to be successful on your virtualization journey. By creating a successful first user group, these early VDI users create positive feedback and become advocates for your project.

          Maximize Computing Efficiency and User Satisfaction

          Proof of concepts often present challenges in regard to finding or acquiring appropriate hardware as well as finding available IT staff time for setup and support. To help you overcome these challenges, Connection has developed a POC Appliance (POCA) that ships pre-staged with a complete VDI environment. The POCA allows you to immediately begin testing your applications in your own environment. An installed analytics tool captures and quantifies effects to the infrastructure as applications and features are enabled and tested—a critical data point in successful data-driven decisions about VDI in your organization.

          Ready for Desktop Virtualization?

          Connection has the expertise and services to help you understand the server, storage, network, and application needs for your unique environment and pick the right desktops to virtualize. We have the right tools to provide you the data required to make fact-based implementation decisions using data from your own applications and assets.

          Industry Experts Make the Difference

          Our VDI solutions are best-in-class. Our understanding of the available technologies is deep. And while we remain agnostic, we are extremely knowledgeable across the technologies of many industry leaders. Our partnerships include industry experts like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Dell, and NComputing.

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