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          Easy to manage and impossible to overlook—organizations can improve their communication strategy and get their message across with digital signage. These solutions are a unique and powerful communication tool with unparalleled opportunities to capture an audience’s attention, educate, and inform.

          Evaluating for digital signage technology can be a complex process. Our experts are here to help make your choices simpler. We'll listen to your specific requirements and help you uncover the digital signage solutions that meet your organizational needs and budget. From consultation to installation and deployment, we’ll support you every step of the way.

          From transportation to manufacturing and education to retail, we can help you find the right digital signage solution for your marketing needs. Complete our Digital Signage Consultation Form and get started today.

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          Unparalleled Opportunities to Capture Attention

          Considering digital signage? Want to learn more? Watch our video series to discover a new way to communicate. Our digital signage experts will walk you through solutions and help you understand today's technology.

          What Is Digital Signage?

          Digital signage is a broad term used to describe the integration of a variety of technologies: large format displays (signage displays), digital signage players (SoC, OPS, Nuc, SFF PCs, or even Flash/Media Players), networking hardware, and digital signage software (content creation, content management, or scheduling). All these technologies are used to dynamically deliver digital information (including live and on-demand video, graphics, animations, text, RSS feeds, and other Web content) on digital signage displays to a targeted audience at a targeted time. A digital signage solution may include some or all of these components, but the unlimited combinations of components all culminate into a single end result: a form of an electronic bulletin board or billboard that visually displays information, advertising, and other messages to the viewer. These solutions give you a unique and powerful communications medium that provides unparalleled opportunities to deliver a message more effectively. Digital signage can also be referred to as narrowcasting, retail TV, captive audience networks, digital out-of-home advertising, or electronic posters, and there are many other terms that are synonymous with these solutions. Digital signs can be found and used in almost any type of public and private environment, such as:

          • Airports
          • Health clubs
          • Restaurants
          • Auto dealerships
          • Hospitals
          • Retail
          • Corporate offices
          • Houses of worship
          • Shopping malls
          • Educational institutions
          • Museums


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          "It's interactive, it's dynamic, and it's moving, so it augments everything that we are doing from a communication level."

          —Toby Mackey, Senior Product Manager, Connection

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