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          Commercial vs. Consumer Solutions

          When considering a digital signage solution, you have many display options. From specifications to installation, the differences between commercial and consumer displays can be vast:

          • Commercial warranty (2- to 3-year) or consumer warranty (typically voided in business setting)
          • Hours of operation (extended runtimes)
          • Device control and monitoring via network connections
          • Tamper resistant controls
          • Expandability and integration options via inputs, media players
          • Built-in digital signage software (CMS)
          • Vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) mounting capability
          • Touchscreen capabilities
          • Durability to withstand harsh environments

          Why Commercial-Grade Displays Matter

          Consumer-Grade Display

          A consumer-grade display or TV is a product that has been designed for consumer use and not for digital signage. Typically consumer products have a 1-year warranty that is not valid in a business setting. Since consumer displays aren’t built with fans, custom bezels, or large heat sinks to help keep them cool, they’re only designed for up to 8 hours of average constant use. The longer you run a display, the hotter it gets. The hotter your display runs, the faster picture quality degrades, and the more likely it is to fail. Consumer displays also have limited connection options and minimal structural reinforcement.

          Consumer TV

          Consumer TVs, pro-sumer TVs, and commercial displays (16 and 24 hours of usage per day) are similar to each other on the outside, but there are several differences that make one better than the other for your application. Consumer TVs are what they say they are, TVs for the consumer world. These are best used for leisurely watching TV and movies in a home. As such, they have features to match—good video processing, sleek design, TV tuner, and built-in speakers. They’re not made for rugged environments where they could run 12–24 hours, showing the same message all day.

          Pro-sumer Display

          Pro-sumer displays are in between true commercial displays and consumer TVs. They have some features of both. Some pro-sumer displays can be left on up to 12 or 16 hours a day, they could have a TV tuner, and all have a good blend of what makes a TV great and a commercial display functional.

          Commercial Display

          Commercial displays are workhorses that can be left on for up to 24 hours a day. They are made to have connections and features that are geared towards the IT world. They run long, last long, and have the warranty to back it up.

          "There is a misperception that commercial-grade displays are a lot more expensive than consumer
          grade displays."

          —TOBY MACKEY, Senior Product Manager, Connection

          For only a small increase in total investment (compared to consumer TVs), our experts can help you design a solution to stand up to the demands of commercial environments, deliver long-term functionality and reliability, and we can help you make sense of it all.

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