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          The Power and Possibilities

          Digital signage is a unique and powerful communication tool with unparalleled opportunities to capture attention, educate, and inform. It can change the way you communicate. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to fit your needs.

          How Will You Use It?

          Digital signage can be found in nearly every environment. From university campuses and doctors’ waiting rooms, to banks, restaurants, and retail—dynamic, interactive signs are enhancing the ways in which we communicate to enhancing how we converse. What can digital signage bring to your organization?

          One of the greatest uses of digital signage is to communicate and interact in real-time—to grab the attention of potential customers or to broadcast important information. Technologies like touchscreens, facial recognition, near field communication (NFC), and beacons all enhance the audience experience and allow you to focus your message.

          "Digital Signage is a communication tool that’s become more and more part of our everyday lives."

          —TOBY MACKEY, Senior Product Manager, Connection

          Get Creative

          Putting a Digital Signage Solution in place can inspire creativity. Start with a simple message, and once you see how your audience responds, you can develop something more unique. As technology begins to catch up with imagination, the possibilities for digital signage will only grow.

          Plan Ahead for Your Digital Signage Installation

          Mounting a display or projector is something most people don't think about until after their signage or audiovisual (AV) purchase. But the installation and integration into your network infrastructure can be just as important as the device you are mounting, and requires some forethought.

          • Does your display need to tilt or move away from the wall?
          • Does your display need to sit flush with the wall?
          • Are you considering a video wall?
          • Will a projector be part of your digital signage solution?
          • How will your digital signage integrate with your existing networks?

          We can help you determine what is required and choose the right mounting solution for your unique environment.

          Digital Signage Display InstallationVideo Wall InstallationDigital Signage Hardware Installation

          It's All About Service

          We are here to make your digital signage hardware choices simpler. We'll listen to your specific requirements and help you uncover the signage solutions that meet your needs and your budget. From consultation to installation to deployment, we'll support you every step of the way. We offer many signage and AV services including:

          • Pre-project consulting to discover what solutions best suit your needs
          • Project planning and documentation—a full-scale design effort that involves our highly qualified solution engineers
          • Fabrication and installation by our certified project manager and field technicians
          • Training and customer care service to ensure the key employees can use the solution with ease

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          Our Consultative and Professional Services

          We offer an in-house consulting methodology, based on our deep experience working with organizations of all sizes in different industries. Our experts work closely with you to find the Digital Signage Solution to meet your needs.

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