Infrastructure Software Solutions
          Infrastructure Software Solutions

          Infrastructure Software Solutions

          Modern Technologies Demand Modern Expertise

          The PBX system is a dying technology. Like all obsolete technologies, these systems are moving to end of life and will soon cease to exist. If your organization hasn’t yet migrated away from PBX, the costs of maintaining your lines and hardware will become prohibitively expensive. Today’s communications environment is IP based, and organizations that make the switch can realize significant savings. By investing in your own network to make calls and communicate, you won’t be paying the phone company every time you pick up the phone.

          Before you can move from PBX to an IP-based system, you’ll need to ensure that you have both the network infrastructure and the on-staff expertise to make the switch. If you’re like many organizations today, you have the required network connectivity and a solid pipe to the Internet, but you may not have all of the in-house skillsets needed to complete the migration without help. Additionally, no one functions best in a silo, and organizations need to ensure that everybody can work together seamlessly. To get your migration on the path to success, start by looking at your communication infrastructure holistically. Your discussions around infrastructure should address the demands of today's latest technologies, from messaging and collaboration tools to presence and video.

          High-Quality, Convenient Communication Should Be a Priority for Every Organization

          When you can't communicate clearly, it impacts everyone in the organization. Communication challenges are an unnecessary source of frustration for everyone—from the lowest level staff members to C-Level executives. People want technology that allows them to communicate easily, find people quickly, share screens effortlessly, and collaborate with people inside and outside their organization. In today's fast-paced world, instant decision making is critical. Productivity cannot be negatively impacted when one of your users has to travel or work remotely. Your employees need quick and easy access to collaboration tools—including video, IM, and presence—wherever they go, so they can choose the right form of communication for their workflow and their environment.

          The Information and Expertise to Solve Your Toughest Challenges

          Laying the foundation to support your next-generation communication tools requires experience and in-depth knowledge of how all of the pieces fit together. Our Microsoft team, Software Practice, and Networking Practice are built around tenured experts who work collaboratively to design solutions that meet your exact needs. We offer the specific expertise and resources to help you understand not only your options, but also how those potential solutions will affect your IT plans and your budget.

          Our team can help you ask the right questions about your environment—giving you the insights you need to help decision makers understand what is at stake, how are you going to deal with the issues you are likely to face, and the best areas to invest your resources for maximum ROI. You can turn to the experts in our Technology Practices for help with all of your technology needs, whether it’s setting up your Active Directory, migrating email, optimizing your network, or creating a new SharePoint instance. We scope out each project based on your environment, provide guidance for the best course of action, and keep you informed throughout every stage of the project. Everything we do is centered around helping you get more value out of your IT.

          A Trusted Partner for All Your Technology Needs

          We understand that every organization and every workplace is unique, which is why we offer such a broad selection of IT solutions from a variety of vendors. To support those solutions, our tenured engineers maintain an impressive portfolio of certifications across today’s most innovative technologies.

          If you’re considering an upgrade to your communications environment, our team has valuable experience in relevant mobile and cloud technologies—including Office 365 and Skype for Business—to help you get more performance, reliability, and value out of your investment. Our Software Practice can design cutting-edge solutions for instant message and presence, and can also work cross-practice with our Networking team to add video to your solution.

          Having one trusted partner for all of your IT needs can help you deploy the technologies you want in a cohesive, easy-to-manage solution. We can help you leverage the use of a soft phone, IM, presence, and collaboration tools in one integrated interface that lets you dial, share your screen, or message from one single, consolidated application.

          Your Solution Starts with Experts Who Listen

          Our Software Practice takes a multi-phased approach to solutions development to ensure your completed project delivers optimal results. We start off with our Microsoft Licensing Optimization (MLO) Service, which is designed to help you reduce licensing costs and complexity. If you need to address deficiencies in your infrastructure, we can perform a scoping call to better understand your environment and your goals. Our experts will follow up with assessments or services in key areas, including a Networking Assessment, Video Assessment, Active Directory Assessment, or Exchange Assessment.

          After a thorough analysis of the assessment results, our experts provide a detailed report that outlines any potential issues and provides recommendations to remedy them. Our Software Practice works in partnership with other teams of in-house experts, including our Microsoft Practice, Cloud Practice, and Lifecycle Practice, offering access to all of the resources and information you need to solve your software challenges. If needed, we can engage our Networking Practice and Converged Data Center Practice to ensure your infrastructure is capable of supporting modern software solutions, and our Security Practice to ensure you have appropriate measures in place to protect your data, users, and organization.

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