Install Base Optimization Service
          Lifecycle Practice - Install Base Optimization
          Maintenance costs consume up to 25% of total IT budgets, and network managers must constantly reduce and control these expenses.

          Install Base Optimization Service

          Bring Clarity, Cost Control, and Protection to Your Environment

          Most organizations have two goals when it comes to their Cisco install base: to control the costs of Smart Net Total Care and to maximize the value of their technology investment. Achieving these goals presents challenges that frustrate CIOs and IT managers as they search for ways to better understand their install base capabilities and grow awareness around support coverage. The experts at Connection can help you protect your investment with an Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS).

          Lack of Visibility Can Put Your Organization at Risk

          When Cisco service agreements expire and a device fails, the risk of network downtime is high—severely impacting your organization’s ability to operate. As your inventory of Cisco network devices grows more diverse and complex, the ability to manage and understand that inventory becomes very time consuming.

          Many organizations don’t have a complete picture of hardware associated with their network, or a clear understanding of when their warranties and services agreements are due to expire. Adding to the severity of the problem, many organizations don't know what their services agreement renewal costs will be. This makes it hard to forecast budgetary needs for renewals, especially if you have a dynamic network that is always changing and/or growing.

          Gain the Insight You Need with Our Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS)

          Connection’s Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS) can help you understand when end of support/end of life is approaching for your Cisco network devices. Armed with the right information, you can put together strategies to minimize the impact on your budget and utilize your network assets more effectively. Our team also works directly with Cisco’s Total Care portal to streamline access to valuable information, giving you the ability to better understand who is hitting your networks and increasing your receipt of proactive threat alerts. Get greater clarity into your environment, control your costs, and protect your investment with Connection’s Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS).

          What Can IBOS Do for You?

            Connection’s Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS) can help you resolve multiple issues within your Cisco environment, including:
          • Planning for End of Support/End of Life
          • Conducting discovery of Cisco hardware assets
          • Satisfying requirements to ensure Cisco’s replacement time guarantees are met
          • Determining covered/uncovered hardware

          Optimize Your Environment

          Connection is dedicated to helping you build a more efficient organization. From controlling support costs to mitigating the risk of downtime, our experts understand how to optimize your environment. Give us a call today to see how our Install Base Optimization Service (IBOS) can help you take the worry out of inventory management and support coverage for your Cisco hardware.

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