Managed Print Assessment
          Managed Print Assessment

          MPS 5 Step Process: Assess, Design, Implement, Support and Managed, and Quarterly Review

          Managed Print Assessment

          1. Assess

          The first step in a successful MPS engagement is to understand your existing environment. Our Managed Print Assessment helps you achieve this by providing greater visibility across your output devices. Discover who is printing, what types of documents they’re printing, and how they’re using your devices. Our assessment identifies:

          • Existing costs and potential areas your organization can realize savings
          • Devices that are costly to operate
          • Opportunities to improve workflow and information security

          2. Design

          Based on the results of our assessment, our in-house team of experts can help you design a print program that’s optimized for your needs, users, and environment. We will work as an extension of your team to:

          • Migrate print volume from costly devices to target devices
          • Realize space and support savings by replacing single-function devices with MFPs
          • Recommend opportunities to take advantage of workflow automation
          • Standardize your printing platform
          • Assist with device refresh recommendations for costly or end-of-life devices
          • Provide the ability for your organization to move, add, change, or remove devices over the entire length of the MPS agreement

          3. Implement

          During the implementation stage, our experts will help prepare your employees for the transition by addressing concerns and providing assistance around process changes. We will collaborate with you to develop an internal communications plan to keep users informed of changes prior to implementation. We also provide a streamlined entitlement process that ensures hardware and software are deployed according to schedule, and that knowledge transfer is conducted at appropriate times.

          4. Support and Manage

          Our services don’t end with the implementation. Our team of dedicated experts is available to help you manage your printer fleet over time. We can help monitor your environment and identify printers in need of maintenance or supplies. This frees up resources within your organization for innovation, enabling IT staff to focus on higher priority projects.

          Our solution provides a 24/7 Web-based Customer Dashboard so your management team will always have visibility to your print fleet, devices usage, detailed reporting, and more.

          5. Quarterly Review

          Keeping your printer fleet operating at maximum efficiency is a continuous process. Our experts understand that your printing needs will evolve alongside your organization. We can help you optimize your printer fleet and put a strategy in place to ensure it meets your expectations today and tomorrow.

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          Why Partner with Connection?

          A Managed Print Assessment provides the in-depth information and guidance you need to optimize your print environment. With the right information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create a Managed Print Solution that delivers:

          • Increased visibility and manageability
          • Reduced administrative, IT, and supply costs
          • Improved budgeting and forecasting
          • Greater printer reliability and uptime
          • Higher end-user productivity

          Start with an assessment today, and get on the path to a more efficient print environment.

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