Mobile Deployment Solutions
          Mobile Deployment Solutions

          Mobile Deployment Solutions

          Harness the Benefits of Mobility

          A sales force typically sees tremendous benefits with increased mobility. They want to hit the road with a light device to conduct presentations, access collateral and other data, and ultimately close the deal with an invoice. However, organizations of all sizes and employees of all types realize how mobility enables them to be more productive, improve efficiency, and speed up day-to-day tasks.

          Employees want increased flexibility to work anywhere. And organizations need to meet these needs to remain competitive, gain and retain the best people, and meet expectations for rapid response time. However, deploying mobile devices to the entire workforce may seem daunting. Not to worry, Connection has the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to simplify this process.

          Mobility Deployment Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

          Our team of experts can design your entire mobile infrastructure, conduct the configuration and implementation, and then roll it out for you. We employ a team of highly qualified technicians to configure your mobile devices, as well as perform any required imaging or asset tagging.

          Our Wilmington Configuration Center experts work closely with our Practices and your Account Manager to review your requirements. We’ll set up conference calls to understand specific details and ensure we meet your organization’s needs.

          Then our team sets your rollout in motion. This includes unique services specific to mobile device provisioning and kitting. We can use a VPN to connect to your network and access approved images and install on your devices. We can also set individual device settings before packaging and delivering the devices to your offices or directly to your end users. And we can even custom design your image if necessary.

          Working Together to Achieve Secure, Manageable Mobility

          The system engineers and consultants within our Mobility, Networking, Security, and Lifecycle Practices work together to design, build, and deploy your new mobile infrastructure. Our team of experts can help you choose the right devices for your unique environment and develop proper policies with sound MDM solutions.

          Our Network Practice addresses any issues within your infrastructure. Our Security Practice ensures you consider all aspects of security and manage your policies to achieve the desired level of acceptable risk. And our Lifecycle Practice will ensure your deployment is configured and delivered as designed and on time. Together, we connect the right devices and services to develop an infrastructure that securely extends your enterprise.

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