Mobile Device Management
          Mobile Device Management

          Mobile Device Management

          Deliver the Mobile Experience Your Organization Requires

          An effective mobile strategy can be complex to create, as mobile devices bring with them an array of options for connectivity—telecommunications capability, SMS messaging capability, wireless, Bluetooth, email, and more. However, an attacker could leverage each one of these connectivity options to breach the security of a mobile device. Organizations need to make sure they are thinking about all of that when building a mobile strategy.

          IT managers, directors, and CIOs need to create effective mobile policies that respond to the needs of their organizations. Yet many organizations struggle with how to build one effectively. Whether or not you are offering a company-owned device program or a BYOD program, you need to have a strategy in place to allow this to occur safely and securely.

          Build a Sound Mobility Strategy

          Once your organization makes a device decision, you will need to determine how those devices will be issued and managed. You’ll want to ensure that certain roles within your organization can gain access to the data and applications they need to be productive, while blocking others that are not authorized. You must also consider how to effectively control access to information and applications when employees are outside the bounds of your protected domain.

          This presents organizations with a significant challenge. We recommend that organizations employ Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to address these concerns, layered with the additional protection of security controls. Sound MDM solutions enable IT to offer the capability to connect devices to the network, and manage the applications and the data employees can access in a way that is consistent organizational objectives and policies.

          Enforce Your Corporate Policies on Mobile Devices

          Our mobility experts work closely with you and your Account Manager to determine which MDM solutions will work for your unique needs. We can help you select the right MDM solution based the number of users, their roles and responsibilities, your current infrastructure, and the complexity of your environment. MDM software is often tested for 30-days, and we can work with you and our partner to set that up with the software of your choice.

          While the MDM vendor is working to complete your base installation, we’ll be in lockstep with you talking about what your organizational structure is, what your role structure is, and what are your policies. Then, once the base configuration is in place, Connection will work with you to define and configure your policies. We collaborate with you to identify your security concerns and then help you tighten down your MDM to address those concerns. For example, we can configure such items as role-based control, which ensure certain roles never gain access to certain applications, and create and configure an acceptable use policy. Connection can help document and define such policies, and then configure the MDM to perform and enforce those policies.

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          Solve Your Mobility Challenges with Experts You Can Count On

          Our teams of experts have a tremendous amount of experience in all the leading mobility technologies. We work closely with you to understand what you want accomplish and analyze what you need. We use this information to design a mobile solution that is right for your unique organization. Our detailed process guides you through mobile device selection, mobile infrastructure readiness, mobile device management, mobile device security, and mobile device deployment.

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