Mobile Device Security
          Mobile Device Security

          Mobile Device Security

          The Opportunity and the Risk are Real

          There are no computers on the market with as many different paths of attack as a mobile device. A mobile device is inherently a very insecure computer. Think about how a mobile device connects—you have the carrier, Bluetooth, wireless, text messaging, etc., and all of these connections can be used as attack routes. Then add in the fact that your employees control those devices at any given point in time. And they use their devices for both personal use and corporate use—connect to different websites, send and receive text messages, and view social media sites.

          Combat Security Challenges

          Users might also try to jailbreak their device to access applications that aren’t part of the standard configuration. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for malicious software to compromise your organization. Consequently, it’s important to take a multi-tenant approach to mobile device security. It’s not just about the devices and how to deploy, configure, and issue them. It’s about managing them over time and how to ensure users can only gain access to authorized systems and services.

          Mitigate Risk and Manage Compliance

          Our Mobility Practice and Security Practice work together to help you build a sound mobile strategy that addresses these very real concerns. Our Security Practice has a detailed methodology to ensure you consider all aspects of mobile security and manage your policies to achieve your desired level of acceptable risk.

          We’ll help you think about mobility from a security perspective and determine how to connect these devices in a safe and secure way. Our team of experts can ensure mobile devices are used in a very controlled way, without compromising sensitive data or breaching your environment. We’ll speak with you about how you plan to use these devices. Then we can design a plan together to help put security controls in place to reduce the risk of a major breach.

          Additionally, we can add layers of security to the actual devices, like multi-factor authentication, to help ensure legitimate connected users. We are committed to helping you design and deploy an effective mobile security architecture for your organization.

          Trusted Solutions to Connect Safely and Securely in a Mobile World

          Our experts have a tremendous amount of experience in all of the leading secure mobility technologies—iOS, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and more. We work closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish and analyze what you need to mitigate risk. Then we use this information to design a mobile solution that is responsive to your organization’s needs and desired level of acceptable risk.

          Our team of system engineers and consultants work together to design, build, and deploy your new mobile infrastructure. We have a detailed methodology to ensure you consider all aspects of security and manage your policies to achieve the desired level of acceptable risk. This lets us think about mobility from both a network and security perspective and helps you connect your mobile devices in a safe and secure way.

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