Mobile Readiness Survey
          Mobile Readiness Survey

          Mobile Readiness Survey

          The Expanding Role of Mobility in the Workplace

          Modern employees are very mobile. Today, organizations employ a higher volume of remote workers, as well as highly mobile workers. People are hyper-connected these days, and modern employees expect this same connectivity to get their jobs done.

          Organizations today are bolstering their infrastructure to enable mobile device connectivity and meet workforce demand. Employees desire increased mobility to improve efficiency and be more productive. And organizations need to meet these needs to remain competitive, gain and retain the best employees, and meet expectations for rapid response time.

          Is Your Infrastructure Ready?

          Most organizations do want to enable employees to be able to connect from anywhere, anytime, with any device. One of the first choices any organization needs to make is whether to offer a bring your own device (BYOD) program or a company-owned device program. An organization might want to save money by allowing employees to use their own personal devices. Or they might wish to issue corporate devices for tighter control.

          However, mobile readiness is something many organizations don’t consider before making the leap to mobility. IT needs to ensure the infrastructure is able to support the additional mobile capacity demands, or if they need to add performance. They’ll need to consider all aspects of connectivity, like wireless, bandwidth, capacity, coverage, and security to ensure a good user experience and protect the organization from a breach. We encourage our customers to begin this process with a Mobile Readiness Survey to achieve greater performance and security.

          Map Out Your Needs with a Complete Mobile Readiness Survey

          Our Mobile Readiness Survey will analyze the quality of service available in your current infrastructure as well as your wireless network. We assess areas like ingress/egress infrastructure, number of points on the network, bandwidth capabilities, network segmentation, switching, routing, and more to ensure your network can address increased mobile device capacity.

          We also determine if your network is secure. Most companies that do readiness demonstrations only focus on performance. However, Connection wants to make sure there are no security holes in your environment. We determine any access management security issues. We also address any unique security configurations related to the needs of the organization, and sensitive data. Ultimately, we want to ensure you are aware of any performance and security gaps before we put together a plan to mitigate these issues.

          Solve Your Mobility Challenges with Experts You Can Count On

          Our teams of experts have a tremendous amount of experience in all the leading mobility technologies. We work closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish and analyze what you need. We use this information to design a mobile solution that is right for your unique organization. Our detailed process guides you through mobile device selection, mobile infrastructure readiness, mobile device management, mobile device security, and mobile device deployment.

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