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          Microsoft Office 365 Services
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          Microsoft Office 365 Services

          Get it Done from Anywhere with Microsoft Office 365

          PC, Mac, tablet, phone—you need to be able to work across devices, from anywhere, and have a consistent, seamless, and fast experience doing it. Microsoft Office 365 gives you the familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. With Office 365, your applications and files are with you wherever you go—and always up to date. It’s time to plan your migration to Office 365, and Connection has the tools and the expertise to help your organization prepare and migrate.

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          Clearing Up Misconceptions

          The biggest misconception of Microsoft Office 365 is that it is Office "in the cloud." Office 365 is actually both an on-premise and cloud solution, giving you the flexibility to decide which pieces you want to deploy, where and when. Your core Office applications, such as Word or Power Point, get installed on your computer—but your Exchange and SharePoint can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

          Microsoft Office 365 on Multiple Devices

          Is Microsoft Office 365 Right for You?

          Office 365 offers a new and very different way of licensing. If you are thinking about migrating to Office 365, there are few things to consider:

          • Licensing Changes:

            Office 365 is subscription-based, per user. Before migrating to Office 365, we can help you prepare a cost benefit analysis to make sure that going with Office 365—in the cloud or on premise—is the right solution for your organization.

          • Deployment Changes:

            Office 365 is a different way of consuming software. You're not doing a push of MSI packages across all your desktops via an asset inventory tool. You may be using Microsoft’s new Click-to-Run technology, which is more of a pull methodology of getting the software to the desktop.

          Readiness for Success: Migrating to Office 365

          The success of implementing Microsoft Office 365 can be greatly influenced by properly planning, provisioning access, and managing users. Our team can help you discover ahead of time where your challenges lie, make sure your active directory is clean, and ensure you understand the impact on your helpdesk and end users.

          Office 365 Takes a Village—Meet Ours:

          We have the tools and the expertise to help your organization prepare for Microsoft Office 365. Through our Microsoft Licensing Optimization (MLO) process, we will help you discover and evaluate your options to determine if Office 365 is the right choice. At the same time, our experts understand that a solid implementation plan is mission-critical with Office 365. We’ve built tools to help assess your readiness and plan for a successful rollout. Both our MLO and Readiness Assessment are built entirely by our team of in-house experts, who have helped customers of all sizes and from every industry make this important decision.

          A crucial component of many readiness plans is an Active Directory evaluation. Our experts will establish a readiness plan by evaluating your Active Directory. This service will provide you with a detailed analysis of your existing environment and deliver remediation plans to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve your return on investment (ROI).

          Finally, when your readiness plan is underway and the deployments and migrations begin, count on our experts to help you with everything from Email to SharePoint, to Active Directory, and more.

          Microsoft Office 365 on Laptops

          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an Account Manager at 1-800-800-0014.

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