Software Asset Management Assessment: Gain control of your company's licensing position with our SAM Assessment.

          SAM Assessment

          Transform Your Data Into Confident Decisions with Software Asset Management

          Gain control of your licensing position and remedy its shortfalls with our SAM Baseline Assessment. Our team of highly trained SAM experts will work with you to inventory your software assets, protect and secure your IT environment, and discover a clear-cut path to maintaining full licensing.

          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an Account Manager at 1.800.800.0014. Download the SAM Assessment brochure here.


          SAM Assessment Makes IT Simple

          It's always beneficial to have an accurate view of your software and licensing landscape—it's about balancing and determining where you might be over-licensed, or under-licensed. Software publisher licensing rules have become increasing complex, and as a result, non-compliance from a shortfall perspective or overage perspective, is on the rise. A software asset management engagement is designed to alleviate both risks at the same time. And as a result of the assessment, the environment is not only compliant, but you gain better control over what is owned versus what is actually being utilized.

          How It Works

          Over the course of 30 days, we'll review and evaluate your existing SAM processes, policies, and tools, and compare them against the established SAM optimization model. At the end of the engagement you will receive a summary of our findings and our recommendations. We will also outline the risks and benefits of your current state and the associated ROI from any improvements.

          Balancing Your Licensing

          Watch video for more information

          Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Risk

          Clarity and visibility into any environment is critical. Every environment is fluid due to time, users, and vendor oversight. Ideally, inventory of your software should become a repeatable process on an annual, biannual, or even quarterly basis—whatever makes most sense for your organization. Some reasons to consider an assessment are:

          • Business case development: use SAM assessment to justify changes to your IT infrastructure
          • Staffing changes: manage the impacts organizational change can make to overall software usage
          • Waste reduction: track software inventory, find and reassign lost assets, and reduce cost by buying only what you need
          • Matching licensing to processes: increase alignment to optimize assets and improve ROI

          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an Account Manager at 1.800.800.0014. Download the Software Asset Management brochure here.

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