Security Awareness Training
          Security Awareness Training
          Be Safe. Did You Know? 63% of employees unintentionally send confidential data outside the workplace

          IT Security Awareness Training

          Reduce Your Risk

          Training employees to understand and avoid common security threats can greatly reduce your organization’s risk. Our team of security experts, in partnership with Security Innovation, can help you protect your organization—with everything from social engineering to password protection, email security, and more.

          Be Your Own Solution

          Your organization relies on your employees to succeed. They are also the ones that have the power to make you more or less vulnerable to attacks. For example:

          • 63% of employees accidentally send confidential data to an unintended email address outside the workplace.
          • 75% of an organization’s intellectual property will travel in text or email as an attachment.

          Educate your employees and keep your organization safe. Download Security Innovation’s Create Security Awareness white paper today.

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