Security Health Check
          IT Security Health Check
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          Security Health Check

          How Healthy Is Your IT Security?

          To identify whether your organization is at risk, you must perform the same types of attacks and techniques that the cyber-hackers use on a daily basis—both inside and outside your organization.

          Get All the Facts

          Periodically conduct security testing to ensure security technology, procedures and controls can guard against a potential breach. Connection can help you uncover and document your critical risks, build a risk roadmap and remediation strategy to manage these critical risks.

          Move Your Security Plans Forward with a Security Health Check

          During our IT Security Health Check, we use a comprehensive, methodical approach to threat testing. Our Security Practice experts will uncover vulnerabilities in your environment, expose security weaknesses, and provide recommendations to remedy and better manage your risk. We offer:

          • Ethical Hacking—Determine if you are susceptible to exploitation by cyber criminals.
          • Wireless Security Assessment—Discover if your wireless infrastructure is at risk, configured to meet your critical needs, and reinforce your security policies and controls.
          • Security Education—Protect against constant real-world threats. Educate your employees about susceptibility to social engineering tactics that could influence them to act inappropriately or divulge confidential information.
          • Firewall Audit—Avert configuration flaws that will invite hackers to penetrate your network.
          • Routing/Switching Configuration and Security Evaluation—Perform controlled attacks on your routing and switching configuration to determine flaws and remedy exploitable attack vectors.
          • Server and Domain Evaluation—Identify and evaluate your entire physical inventory, review patch levels, identify services, and get best practices for system lockdown.
          • Security Organization and Policy Review—Evaluate your organizational roles and responsibilities, and document process and policy to help ensure there are no gaps in your security risk management strategy.
          • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Assessment—Defend your network and sensitive data from threats and prevent data loss with extreme protection.

          Ensure an effective security plan. Download our Security Health Check Services brochure today.

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