Security Landscape Optimization
          Security Landscape Optimization (SLO)
          Get Clarity and Control win SLO - See How

          Security Landscape Optimization

          Security Infrastructure Challenges?

          Is your complex security architecture draining your IT budget? Are you managing too many security vendors or security consoles to monitor all your security technology? Maintaining too many vendor relationships? All of these challenges contribute to a complex and expensive security ecosystem.

          To build an effective security environment, you first need to completely understand your risks. Our Security Landscape Optimization (SLO) process helps you better understand your current infrastructure, provides clarity and control over your security investment, and helps you document and mitigate risk.

          Maximize Your Security Solution

          Our Security Landscape Optimization tool is your fast track to a secure architecture. Get a snapshot of your ecosystem and risk assessment to help you focus your resources directly where attention is needed. We offer:

          • Data Gathering—We compile the necessary information to complete our security stack overview, including information about your security technology along with your processes, policies, and tools.
          • Data Formatting—We provide risk ratings for each security domain area, current total of vendors, number of security consoles, and an aggregated score for the entire ecosystem.
          • Stack Optimization—We recommend ways to optimize your security, based on a unified and integrated set of vendor technologies including endpoint, edge, gateway, access control, intrusion detection, event and log management, advanced threat detection management, and more.
          • Licensing—We compare and contrast projected licensing costs applicable to each of the security optimization recommendations.
          • Report Presentation—We provide clarity and control of your current risk posture, and a roadmap for risk reduction.

          Face threats head-on with an effective security plan. Download our SLO brochure today.

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