Data Center Server Assessment - Providing the information needed to make informed server decisions.

          Server Assessment

          Data Center Server Assessment

          What's Your Server Scenario? Find Out with a Server Assessment.

          With energy costs continuing to rise, now is the time to optimize your resources by implementing server consolidation and virtualization initiatives. We are ready to help. Our Data Center Server Assessment gives you the tools you need to make sound decisions about which servers you should consolidate. Get accurate performance and utilization facts in order to optimize your IT capital and resources.

          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an account manager at 1-800-800-0014.  Download the Server Assessment brochure here and a sample of report deliverable here.


          Decrease Energy Consumption and TCO, Increase Performance and Flexibility

          In addition to the green benefits of reducing energy costs with high-efficiency equipment and virtualization, server consolidation helps you get more out of your existing resources. You can lower your total cost of ownership by reducing your physical data center infrastructure, while at the same time increasing hardware and application availability. With virtualization you can also create a more flexible IT environment using solutions such as Cisco Unified Computing with Intel® Xeon® processors.

          How a Server Assessment Works

          Our Data Center Server Assessment performs scenario-modeling to help you understand your expected consolidation ratios and what the resulting server performance will be across several different target platforms.

          We use industry standard and proprietary tools to receive statistics and data regarding server performance. This information is analyzed and presented in a comprehensive report that details the current environment and potential ways to virtualize, resulting in higher efficiency and cost savings.

          How to Get Started

          1. We schedule a server assessment discovery workshop led by a one of our services engineers.
          2. We install the agent-less data collection tool and it runs for 30 days.
          3. The tool generates detailed reports.
          4. Our engineers provide recommendations and present a final report.

          The Right Tool for Your Organization

          This valuable service offers insights into your current inventory, system performance, and model consolidation ratios—so you will have an actionable plan for virtualizing your servers.


          Our Data Center Server Assessment details and condenses information about your inventory into easy-to-read charts and graphs, enabling a quick overview of the environment.

          • Name of each server
          • Operating system
          • Make and model
          • Number of CPUs
          • Speeds, memory, disk capacity
          • NIC cards and speeds



          We monitor criteria to identify appropriate servers as virtualization candidates:

          • CPU queue
          • Percentage used per CPU
          • Percentage used memory
          • Memory paging
          • Disk I/Os
          • Actual network speed


          Consolidation Scenarios

          Our assessment methodology measures 5 key attributes that are used to create a balanced architecture ensuring optimal performance:

          • Measure CPU, memory, disk, IO utilization, and peak time
          • Scenarios include:
            • Recommended hardware
            • Description of which servers should be consolidated
            • Account for disaster recovery and business continuity goals

            For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014. Download the Server Assessment brochure here and a sample of report deliverable here.

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