Unified Security Stack
          Unified Security Stack

          Unified Security Stack

          Security Suite Optimization

          Industry data shows that more than 30% of all software security solutions are acquired in suites to aid in the unification and implementation of security policies. In other words, where one mechanism leaves off, another one immediately picks up. Since security can often be a mix of investments from multiple vendors, we frequently see areas where coverage cannot be extended and also examples where integration between vendors’ products is less than ideal. Our team can help ensure that whether you’re using one or multiple security providers, your environment is adequately configured and provides the protection, visibility, and oversight that your organization, users, and data require.

          In today’s complex security landscape, it can be challenging to not only identify vulnerabilities, but also to comprehend how those vulnerabilities translate into threats that can impact your environment. The true cost of a security breach goes well beyond financial damages—often with a lasting, adverse impact to customer or partner relationships—and can carry significant regulatory penalties.

          With complex malware a continued threat, you need a very high level of visibility across your entire environment. In order to effectively do this, you need complete visibility across the infrastructure. That means collecting traffic from all these devices and rolling them up in a unified way to look for events that may indicate a threat is present or attack occurring. That’s what Unified Security Stack does for you.

          We work with you to determine what to use in your environment, and how to unify or build a strategy to get more complete event visibility. This unification will offer a better perspective of your risk, the events that are occurring, and insights on how to manage the risk.

          Protect - Detect - React

          Why Partner with Connection?

          Our experts work as an extension of your team to help determine what is happening in your environment. We will help you unify or build a strategy that offers a clearer perspective of those events and guidance on how to manage risk. Our goal is to help you create a unified solution that:

          • Provides valuable insight into your current toolset and potential gaps
          • Optimizes integration of separate investments
          • Ensures your coverage extends across all of your assets, applications, and services

          Our Security Suite Optimization Services:

          • Provide real-time visibility and automated situational awareness
          • Improve staff focus/expertise
          • Reduce operational security costs—volume/package pricing; improve stack ROI
          • Leverage flexible “suite” licensing models; lower security stack TCO
          • Reduce FTE demand to manage stack
          • Provide an integrated solutions approach
          • Consolidate security management
          • Reduce number of dashboards
          • Improve compliance and policy enforcement
          • Enhance coordination for disaster recovery

          Our Partnerships

          We leverage technologies from leading vendors in security—including AirWatch by VMware, BeyondTrust, Carbon Black, Check Point, Cisco ISE, Cisco/Sourcefire, Cylance, Fortinet, Imprivata, Kaspersky, LogRhythm, MacAfee, MobileIron, Ping Identity, Quest Software, RSA, SecureAuth, Solarwinds, Sophos, Splunk, Symantec, and Trend Micro—to design best-in-class solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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