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          Leverage Your Virtualization Investment Toward Its Full Potential

          Virtual infrastructures in organizations are evolving. As a result, the idea that a virtual environment can simplify the management of server deployments, streamline maintenance, and reduce capital and operational costs is becoming a reality. However, lack of planning and visibility within the infrastructure can create obstacles. The experts at PC Connection have developed a comprehensive analysis to help you prepare your virtual infrastructure for the future.

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          Get Started with a Virtual Infrastructure and Health Assessment

          Phase one of this comprehensive analysis involves the installation of various tools, services, and assessments within your organization. These tools are designed to

          • Collect VMware vSphere inventory, configuration, and utilization data
          • Analyze data to generate a report card to present observations, findings, and data categorized by VMware best practices
          • Discover and collect information about your virtual environment, including component and configuration settings; provide comprehensive visual reports for analysis, documentation, and decision-making support  
          • Provide a “current state” analysis of your vSphere environment and compare with configuration data
          • Utilize VMware vSphere best practices to provide a visual overview of your vSphere environment

          Monitoring and Performance Analysis

          This phase collects performance and metric data to generate reports and recommendations to improve and repair your infrastructure. This analysis: 

          • Delivers an analysis of your vSphere Environment that details overall and individual resource health
          • Offers trouble-shooting, root cause analysis, and remediation recommendations for any problematic resources

          Capacity Analysis

          In this phase our experts generate resource usage and recommendation reports that help reclaim resources that were over allocated to virtual machines, fix VMs that are starved for resources, and determine availability for further virtual infrastructure expansion. These reports include: 

          • Capacity Optimization: detailed reports with recommendations to reclaim excess capacity from idle, oversized, or powered-off virtual machines (VM) as well as indications of VMs that are starved for resources.  Resource information on how well storage is doing with capacity as viewed from the virtual infrastructure - this helps with right-sizing or decommissioning decisions that can help avoid any further waste.

          Virtualization Candidate Analysis

          This phase generates a report that details which remaining physical servers and workloads are ideal candidates for virtualization and what capacity requirements exist. It also provides visibility into what resources are available and required to accommodate additional workloads. This phase:

          • Helps customers in Phase 1 or 2 of their virtualization journey prepare to virtualize the next wave
          • Assess the current workload capacity of the remaining physical servers in the data center or desktop infrastructure through comprehensive discovery and inventory of IT assets
          • Measures system workloads and capacity utilization across various elements of IT infrastructure
          • Plans for capacity optimization through detailed analysis, benchmarking, trending, and identification of capacity optimization alternatives 
          • Feeds appropriate information into the existing model to determine how many physical servers can be accommodated into existing infrastructure and how much additional infrastructure would be needed to accommodate the added workloads

          Remediation and Next Steps

          Once data has been collected and reviewed, remediation alternatives are discussed. We can help you with any or all of the next steps. The delineation point between performing the remediation steps internally or not is usually based on a combination of the complexity of the task, the criticality of the issue needing correction, and the available cycles of your IT staff. We will:

          • Create a “Recommended Task List” for implementation to optimize the virtual infrastructure
          • Generate a “Virtualization Roadmap” for the future that includes the physical-to-virtual recommendations from the Capacity Analysis and Planning Phase
          • Provide recommendations for VMware software licensing and hardware upgrades and expansion
          • Provide knowledge transfer to your management and IT staff
          • Optional Steps:  HP Blade Enclosure Analysis, VDI Assessment, EMC VNX/VNXe Storage Array Assessment, Lefthand Storage Array Assessment, and SRM Status and Reporting 

          Download the VMware Total Performance Analysis brochure to prepare your virtual infrastructure for the future or contact an account manager at 1-800-800-0014 to learn more. 

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