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          The True Cost of Printing

          Evaluate Your Printer Fleet

          It’s critical for organizations of any size to maximize their budgets and eliminate wasteful spending. But, do you really know how much your printer fleet is costing your organization? If you put pen to paper, you’d discover that the total budget dollars eaten up printing could stand a reduction.

          Where do you start? The costs of managing a printer fleet may appear to be beyond your control to contain. But a printer refresh and consolidation, deploying multi-function devices (MFD), using innovative inks and toners, and simple tips to reduce paper usage can all add up to save your organization a lot of money and free up your budget.

          The Wisdom of Printer Refresh

          How many older printers are you supporting on your network? The math on a printer refresh is simple. New printers use less power than their older cousins and are also optimized to accept recycled paper. The benefits of reduced paper jams, paper waste, and lost staff productivity will quickly add up to real savings.

          Newer, faster printers and MFDs also improve the speed of your work-flow and reduce predictable waste associated with paper-based processes. The less time you spend handling paper and waiting for prints, the more time you can spend engaged in what matters most to your organization. Today’s printers and MFDs deliver faster start up times, print the first page faster, and commonly feature innovative email and scan-to-file capabilities. This minimizes paper use, filing time, and the time and expense required to deliver documents by mail or carrier.

          Your Printer Got Smarter!

          Today’s printers are configured with many onboard tools to automate budget- saving behaviors, too. Features like automatic duplex printing, web-based printing, and technologies that sense paper type and optimize driver settings, are just a few of the benefits of modern printers. Using these tools will yield quantifiable savings like reductions in ink and paper consumption, and increases in end-user productivity.


          Consolidate for Lasting Change

          Don’t Wait! Consolidate!

          A printer consolidation can be a challenge to implement, especially with end-users who currently have their own desktop printer. But optimizing the number of devices in your printer fleet by deploying larger workgroup printers and MFDs can quickly decrease the expenses associated with hardware, paper, ink, toner, electricity, and calls to your help desk. When considering a consolidation, a printer assessment is a smart service to implement. It will provide valuable data about your own printer fleet to support consolidation decisions and immediate changes that will reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

          Simple Tips to Print Wisely

          But, not all changes to your printer fleet need to be hardware and software based. Inspiring a change in the printing behaviors of your end-users can have a significant impact on overall savings. Educate end-users on the cost impacts of wasteful printing habits, and encourage them to try these simple steps before they choose to print:

          • Print to PDF instead
          • Print more than one page per sheet of paper
          • Print only the sections they need on a single page
          • Use Shrink to Fit to reduce printed pages needed

          Policies that include charge back models to department cost-centers have also proven effective in creating accountability and changing behavior.

          Slow Down Your Presses and Start Today!

          If you’re tired of wasting ink, paper, energy and time, our account managers are here to help you make the right choices to refresh your printer fleet. Our valuable printer assessment service is an ideal place to start, and we encourage you to research the features of more modern printers on our web site. Speak to your account manager for top recommendations, and they can point you toward attractive trade-in offers, too. Finally, we can help you realize a potential return on your de-installed printers through our asset disposition services. For more information, complete this Information Request Form, or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014.

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