Network Performance Upgrades - Identify equipment that needs to be upgraded and pinpoint performance issues.
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          Your business environment requires a network that can support VoIP, real-time video, dynamic content, server, storage and client virtualization, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. Today’s IT pros are challenged to build a network to handle these emerging technologies and support an increasingly mobile workforce, all while under constant pressure to cut costs.

          As bottlenecks affect performance and user productivity, you can increase bandwidth or decrease congestion. Removing applications and restricting growth is counterproductive. Increasing bandwidth is costly, and at some point you’ll run into a hard limit. Fortunately there are more efficient ways to use your existing bandwidth. Optimizing your network allows you to extend the life of your existing IT equipment while improving service levels—delivering significant cost savings.

          Building a Network for the Future

          • Demonstrating the value of network upgrades and their pivotal role in supporting future technologies will help your project proposal get the attention it deserves. Scalability, security, and management are three key areas to focus on when upgrading your network. Investments here will add value and open doors to new technologies without consuming your entire budget.
          • For example, implementing virtualization allows you to throttle supply to meet demand. This technology requires a network capable of delivering high availability, and low-latency performance so you’ll want to consider your network’s readiness when planning for virtualization and build upgrades into your business case and budget.

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          Smarter Data Sharing Strategies

          Optimizing your network allows you to extend the life of your existing IT equipment while improving service levels—delivering significant cost savings. For example, WAN optimization is an innovative solution that can help you organize and prioritize your network traffic. It enables you to compress data and create reusable data repositories that allow separate branch offices to share information instead of downloading multiple identical files. The ability to give priority to latency-sensitive services, including VoIP and real-time video, also delivers noticeable performance improvements for users.

          Your Network Isn’t Up to Speed— Lucky for You, We Are

          Converting your existing network into the infrastructure of tomorrow may seem daunting, but it’s a lot easier when you know where to start. PC Connection can guide you with expert advice and offers a wide selection of products and services designed to reduce your operating costs and increase your network’s performance.

          Learn how to transform your infrastructure into a secure, scalable, and efficient foundation for future technology.  If your organization is looking to upgrade or expand your network, the first step is to understand the capabilities and shortcomings of your existing network.  We can help.  Our Network Assessment and Network Inventory services can help you chart your network’s strengths and weaknesses so you can choose where to allocate funds for maximum effectiveness.

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