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          Uncover the Full Value of Virtualization

          If you’re serious about reducing infrastructure costs, chances are you’ve already implemented a virtualization solution. But after enjoying the immediate cost reductions virtualization delivers, it's time to dig deeper for even greater savings. There’s a lot to be gained by optimizing virtual machines to fit your environment and expanding the reach of your efforts— especially as your needs change.

          Putting the Processes in Place

          Once you’ve started a migration to virtual servers, it’s time to focus on process improvement.  Create a streamlined management system to fully capitalize on your virtualization investment. Dynamic workload management is an excellent way to get the most performance out of your physical servers, enabling you to achieve a much higher ROI. Other processes to focus on managing include:

          • Configuration management: Achieve greater control over the contents of your virtual machines
          • Capacity planning: Know what your organization wants to accomplish with virtualization and plan your infrastructure to deliver those results.
          • Performance and availability: Understand the capabilities and limitations of your virtual machines versus traditional infrastructure to make a case for virtualizing.
          • Real-time automation: Realize greater efficiency and productivity with reliable automation.

          Teamwork Isn’t Hard Work

          Another useful strategy for streamlining processes is to create a collaborative virtual infrastructure management team. Assemble a team with expertise from various backgrounds, including storage, server, networking, and other fields. Virtualization is such a far-reaching technology that it’s important to have everyone in the department on the same page—making it much easier to spot opportunities to improve service.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Where Do I Start?

          For any virtualization projects you chose, you’ll want to take advantage of our assessment services to help you optimize your environment.

          Our Server Assessment is an ideal start for your virtualization project. This service gives you the tools you need to make sound decisions about which servers you should consolidate, in order to optimize your IT capital and resources.

          Our Storage Healthcheck is an ideal first step that can help you plan for storage virtualization. Designed to review your current storage infrastructure and analyze its performance and capacity utilization, this service delivers the facts you need to make informed investment decisions.

          When considering desktop virtualization, best practices are to start with the best fit desktops and users for the first wave of VDI. Our Virtual Desktop Assessment service will help you select those best candidates and remediate the conditions that make some desktops and users less than ideal fits.

          Is your organization using Active Directory as your infrastructure domain?  A Microsoft Active Directory Assessment is a great service to consider when beginning projects like consolidating your servers in a virtual environment, provisioning a desktop virtualization environment, or even upgrading a server application.  Ask an account manager about this service when planning any of these changes to your infrastructure.

          Finally, if you have already made an investment in virtualization using VMware vSphere, our experts help you make the most of it. PC Connection’s VMware Certified Professional (VCP) consultants can work with your team to provide best-practice guidance for utilizing and optimizing VMware vSphere with our VMware vSphere Healthcheck service.


          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014.

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