Technology Deployment Solutions
          Technology Deployment Solutions

          Technology Deployment Solutions

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          A technology deployment can touch every team within your organization. Because of the importance and high-profile aspect of such a project, many teams are involved. Groups responsible for managing both infrastructure and applications are heavily invested in the success of technology deployments. By creating clear separations between responsibilities, you can avoid potential sources of friction. A good starting point is to find the answers to any questions you have about the nature and rate of change of application adoption. From there, you can decide on a migration path that best utilizes your existing and future hardware. Many organizations struggle with improper asset management, making it difficult to discern what is upgradable. The experts at Connection can help you avoid those pitfalls with a valuable portfolio of lifecycle assessments and services.

          A technology deployment is a complex task, with many moving parts. Our team can help ensure each stage of your project is planned, executed, and documented properly. Connection’s Project Management Office has the experience and expertise to develop the right solution for your unique environment. We leverage a logistics engine to create the optimal workflow, whether your technology assets and configurations are performed in our Advanced Configuration and Distribution Center, our warehouses, or our distribution partners’ facilities. This includes acquiring assets, image loading, testing, asset tagging, and managing the field appointment.

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          Connection’s Lifecycle Practice was built from the ground up to streamline technology deployment. The more complex your organization is, the more ways we can help you find efficiencies. We leverage an in-house Project Management Office, command center, ITSM-based ticketing system, and a configuration management database to ensure every project is designed, planned, and executed successfully. From validating plans and tracking asset movement to making sure technicians have arrived on site, our experts can proactively manage every aspect of your deployment.

          ''There are a multitude of considerations regarding the overall impact technology deployment solutions have on the organization that need to be thought through.'' – Richard Emil, Director of Solutions and Services for Connection
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