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          Going Mobile

          Wireless at Work

          Productivity is no longer limited to the desk. It happens in the hallways, at lunch, and at home. Today’s mobile users, accustomed to relying on smart phones, tablets and the ability to work from anywhere, conducts an array of crucial business activities via wireless mobile devices.

          To take advantage of these productivity benefits, adoption of mobile applications continues to gain ground. Mobile applications and networks are a higher priority for IT, and spending on mobile networks continues to increase. Wireless systems are a rapidly growing component of your organization’s technology platform that requires special attention.

          Investing in mobility means building wireless networks in the areas you control and enabling third-party wireless integrations everywhere else. The parts of the network you own need to work with the parts of the network you don’t control, and extending quality and security to devices on mobile networks is quite a task.

          A mobile device is an organizational asset that is always on the move. It contains valuable software and firmware that needs to be configured, tracked and managed. The greatest benefit of these devices—mobility—presents a tremendous challenge from an IT management perspective.

          Helpful Tips

          • When building wireless networks in areas in which you can install hardware, be sure to conduct an assessment to get a clear picture of the coverage you will need. Underestimating wireless coverage can result in dead zones and poor network performance, while overestimating can be an even costlier mistake.
          • Consider how your organization can improve mobile data security. Data transported on any unencrypted mobile device—including laptops, handheld devices, smart phones, and USB drives is a potential security risk. Ensure you employ a strong password policy, and consider additional security layers like full disk encryption and remote lock/wipe across all types of mobile devices.

          Solutions Begin with Us

          Services for Mobile Devices

          There are some big challenges that come with services for mobile devices. How do you efficiently handle the time consuming chore of budgeting, auditing, and paying monthly bills for all the lines? How do you deal with tracking and moving assets within your organization?

          Working with a partner like PC Connection will help you clearly define your strategy, help you get a handle on your costs, and provide ongoing management during the planning phase.

          Using best-in-class technology and services, we can help you extend your employees’ reach and expand business growth with everything from wireless networks, notebooks, smart phones and beyond. We will help you identify ways to increase effectiveness and overall success with choices built for every type of business and budget.

          Meet the Mobility Experts

          PC Connection offers a suite of services to help you design and implement a mobility solution that meets the unique needs of your environment. We can evaluate and configure hardware, software, and technical support solutions to fit your budget and application. Our services include offering such as:

          • Wireless Site Survey: Design an efficient wireless infrastructure and ensure a problem free implementation with the right information. Putting the right metrics in place to measure your wireless needs is a crucial step in creating an infrastructure that works the way you want it to.
          • Cellular Mobility: Whether it’s smartphones, notebooks, or PDAs, PC Connection can get you connected.
          • Technology Deployment Solutions: Simplify and accelerate the deployment and utilization of computing devices and help improve end-user productivity.

          We can help streamline your mobility strategy.  Call your Account Manager today at 1.800.800.0014 or complete this Information Request Form.

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