Identity and Access Management Services
          Our Network Security Assessment provides a better understanding of the security concerns facing your company's network infrastructure.
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          Could Your Network Be in Danger?

          Today IT organizations across all industries are faced with navigating a complex set of regulatory, compliance, and business demands. With ever-present security risks, business and technology evolution, and tightening regulations, security compliance can be difficult to achieve and maintain.

          To learn more, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an account manager at 1-800-800-0014.  Download the Security Assessment brochure here.


          The Data Security Landscape

          Data protection and privacy are driving organizations to keep all sensitive information safe from unauthorized disclosures and in line with legal, ethical, social, and business requirements.

          Our Security Assessment can provide you with a better understanding of your organization’s current security-focused infrastructure and present recommendations on how to meet the needs and challenges of the data security landscape.

          We realize budgets are tight and that it’s sometimes hard to determine where IT and security money should go. That’s why our assessment helps you address compliance standards, identify the roots of current and/or possible future security breaches, and plan out future spending as it relates to what is critical for your organization to succeed and operate legally and securely.

          Powered by Industry-Leading Toolsets

          Our Security Assessment is powered by industry-leading toolsets focused on one, several, or all of the following areas based on your specific requirements:

          • Internet Security Assessment: penetration testing, vulnerability testing
          • Intranet Security Assessment: remote security dialup / VPN
          • VPN Assessment: vulnerability testing
          • Wireless Access Assessment

          Build a Comprehensive Plan

          We work within the areas you identify and employ the service's unique data gathering methodology to help you:

          • Document your current and future technology projects
          • Document high-level solution feature/function requirements for your overall system
          • Document security requirements for your overall system
          • Document security policy requirements
          • Document network availability/redundancy requirements for your overall system
          • Determine customer support model and requirements for your overall system
          • Determine high-level training requirements

          Schedule an Assessment Today

          Our Security Assessment is your first step to developing a 360° view of your network infrastructure and uncovering any security weaknesses. It also provides a mechanism for bringing your stakeholders together to identify strategic goals and focus on future opportunities.  Be assured you're operating legally and securely.  Schedule your Security Assessment today.

          To learn more, complete this Information Request Form or contact an account manager at 1-800-800-0014.  Download the Security Assessment brochure here.

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