Managed Print Services - Drive down the costs of daily operations with managed print service solutions.

          Optimize Printer Performance

          Rethinking Your Print Resources

          Printers, while integral to the success of your daily operations, are an often-overlooked component of your organization’s infrastructure. High maintenance and supply costs are traditionally dismissed as a fixed expense. However, with a strategy in place to effectively manage your printer infrastructure, you can achieve significant savings and efficiencies.

          A printer’s purchase price is only a small percentage of total cost of ownership. Everything we do, up to the point of hitting "print", is pure overhead. For instance, consider the impact of only one device with a 250-sheet input tray and a 2,000-page cartridge printing 10,000 pages month that requires:

          • Stopping productivity to load paper 40 times per month or 480 times per year,
          • Stopping productivity to load toner 5 times per month or 60 times per year
          • Ordering, tracking, stocking, and recycling the printer consumables

          Add to this ongoing supply costs, asset management, and IT support, and it’s easy to see why organizations can benefit from tools that enable them to track expenses, spot trends, eliminate inefficiencies, improve performance, and reduce the cost of managing printer fleets.

          The Case for Managed Print Services

          Managed Print Solution can enhance the way you manage your printing and imaging environment. With the ability to optimize and right-size devices and eliminate, or at least reduce, repetitive and predictable tasks, you can enhance your entire printing and imaging network to drive better results for the business.

          As part of a systematic assessment process, we will assist to identify assets, determine usage (monthly print volume), review device capabilities, compare capabilities to usage, and boost devices for maximum productivity and cost reduction.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Deploy Smart Tactics 

          With an MPS solution in place, software on the network monitors assets and print volumes, supplies are delivered automatically, you have the option to consolidate billing, IT is alerted when repairs are needed, and you receive detailed reports on device usage. The result is lower overall operating costs, flexibility in printing technology, ability to meet cost reduction goals, and improved quality and reliability of the printer fleet.

          Tips for Success 

          PC Connection offers complimentary printer assessments and ongoing managed print services that can help you better understand, plan for, and reduce the cost impact of your printer fleet. We conduct our Complimentary Printer Assessment service by collecting data specific to your environment using a secure, software-based Data Collection Agent (DCA). The DCA records your organization’s printer and usage information over a 30-day period. Collected data is then reviewed and analyzed through a secure Web browser.

          At the close of the assessment, our team will provide you with a report of recommendations for customized printer consolidation along with data relevant to your specific devices, including cost per copy, utilization, and trending reports. You can use this valuable data to:

          • Measure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI expectations
          • Make informed decisions regarding your printer fleets 
          • Implement changes that reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies.

          To start on the road to savings with a Printer Assessment, contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014 or send an email to

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