Data Storage Assessment

          Data Storage Assessment - Provides important, actionable information about your data growth and usage.

          Data Storage Assessment

          Your Data Will Double in Size This Year—Are You Prepared?

          With tighter security regulations, records retention, and the need for better storage management, you are tasked with figuring out how to get a handle on your storage so it doesn't become an overwhelming burden. Our Data Storage Assessment provides easy‑to‑understand information about your data growth and usage. We can help you make changes and improvements that reduce costs, shorten backup and recovery times, and accelerate performance and operational efficiency.

          To learn more, please complete this Information Request Form or contact an Account Manager at 1-800-800-0014.  Download the Data Storage Assessment brochure here.


          How a Storage Assessment Works

          We use an agent-less data collection tool that gathers information about your Microsoft Windows environment such as the rate of growth of your storage, file aging, file duplication, and file types. It also compiles information about your available storage space, wasted space, and storage inventory.

          The Right Tool for Your Organization

          This agent-less data collection method is both affordable and timely. The analyzed data offers valuable insights into the current state of your storage and gives our engineers the information they need to design a more efficient storage solution that best fits your environment and budget.

          The finalized Storage Assessment Report includes information such as:

          • Inventory of storage servers, arrays, and infrastructure
          • Capacity analysis
          • Storage usage and alerts
          • File categorization data (by type, by most frequently used, by user, by age, etc.)

          Your organization can use this data to:

          • Measure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI) expectations
          • Make decisions regarding regulatory compliance and data retention
          • Make immediate changes that reduce costs, shorten backup/recovery times, and improve overall operational efficiencies
          • Strategically schedule follow-on projects like storage consolidation, storage virtualization, and tiered storage design and implementation

          How to Get Started

          Storage Assessment Process

          1. We schedule a discovery call led by one of our services engineers.
          2. We remotely install the agent-less data collection tool, and it runs for 30 days.
          3. The tool generates detailed reports.
          4. Our engineers provide recommendations and present a final report.

          We'll Design Your Complete Solution

          Our engineers are certified and skilled at developing storage solutions that build efficiencies in your IT environment. Our engineers adopt a methodology of assessment, design, implementation, and management for each unique customer environment. We can help you build custom IT solutions for your organization, including:

          Storage Consolidation

          • Centralized storage management
          • Advanced copy functionality
          • More dynamic environment

          Storage Virtualization

          • Improve capacity utilization
          • Heterogeneous storage management
          • Improved storage migration

          Tiered Storage

          • Lower TCO
          • Policy based management
          • Rationalized data access

          For more information, please complete this Information Request Form or contact your account manager at 1-800-800-0014. You can download the brochure here.

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